Research Report: Lived experiences and mental health of LGBTI+ people living in Bursa, Turkey

çizim: Semih Özkarakaş

This report is prepared based on a co-productive research project carried out by the Free Colors Association based in Bursa, Turkey, with the financial support of ILGA – Europe.

In this project, we investigated the lived experiences, daily life practices, and mental health of LGBTI+s who live or had lived in Bursa, as well as the association between those. The results showed that LGBTI+s living in Bursa have been exposed to various forms of discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives, and these experiences were associated with lower mental well-being and higher anxiety, depression and negative self-concept. We also observed that personal (psychological) resilience altered the relations between discrimination experiences and mental health indicators by lowering or diminishing the negative role of discrimination on mental health. This project also investigated identity-based daily life practices (e.g., socialization, self-care, coming out) of LGBTI+s. Altogether, the findings of this study can be used in the planning of psychosocial support and amelioration endeavors, as well as in identifying the needs of LGBTI+s and formulating strategies and policies based on these needs.

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